Sick AF on Sunday, Strange Dream, Truvia Sweetener!

Written yesterday.

Ah! Saturday night I thought I just had a bad cough from smoking cigarettes. When I was not able to eat Sunday I realized I was sick. When I laid back down and slept all day with an acute headache, feeling both hot and cold, I realized was very sick. I slept through Saturday night, Sunday day, Sunday night, and most of Monday and Monday night. That is a lot of sleep. I had a strange continuous dream on Sunday, the day I was most sick. I dreamed that my bed covers were akin to a chess board, and also that they were like pages of a very large tome gently flipping over me. For a moment it felt like a book on chess, at another it felt like the C.G Jung autobiography, the contents were being imprinted into my consciousness… Monday day comes and I’m still sick but better, much less a cough, prim enough to write this. My appetite has been low, all I have eaten today [now yesterday] was pop-tarts for breakfast. Coincidentally, a housemate gave me some “Truvia” sweetener for my tea. Some kind of stevia and something else that begins with an E (Erythritol), it is a coincidence because I heard some [friends of mine] talking about it in a chat shortly before…