The Holy Trinity (Positive, Negative, Neutral)

First off, I must apologize if the title is offensive or misleading in anyway; it was the first thought of a title that came to my mind. I was told earlier by someone (or something) that there were three types of lies, and I didn’t give it much thought and ignored it. Later in the day when exercising, the concept of three types of lies had hit me. This concept doesn’t just apply to lying, but also to perspective and intentions.

Positive is good, people who have wired their brains with good attitudes live mostly happy lives and make good contributions to the world and to mankind. And generally, good people with positive attitudes do have good intentions, though mistakes are natural. I could lie to someone about a painkiller that is really a sugar pill and by doing this I could heal that person thanks to the placebo affect. Or I could give a young boy courage in what he is doing with a “lucky” charm.

The sickening lies are easily the ones that you would know as negative. Telling someone they are ugly (honestly beauty is relative, I see beauty in things people see as ugly), making false promises, etc. These are things that hurt people in the end. Generally, a negative perspective doesn’t do any good, and again, mistakes are natural. You can easily turn negativity into positivity through some applied thinking and love.

Neutrality is strange, it can be humorous, boring, all kinds of things but doesn’t really fall into positive/negative (unless you look at it that way xD). A neutral perspective doesn’t really serve a significant role. Watching two people debate politics but not getting involved is an example of being neutral. I can’t really say if there is such thing as a neutral intention, that is tricky because I think of neutral as not having any intentions. For example, the glass of water sitting by my monitor as I type this is neutral because it does not have any positive or negative intentions for me (that I know of), it just neutrally sits there and neutrally allows me to drink from it. I suppose a neutral lie would be one that doesn’t do any harm or good: my desk is made of pure gold.

I have concluded in my own analysis that lying is not necessarily a bad thing. Perhaps lying can be good if it has good intentions, and people might be able to see past lies that are really good if they can obtain a positive point of view. The three types of lies I imagine would be positive, negative, and neutral. I wonder if that is correct.