Wealthy in Food Stamps

Despite not currently having a phone, I recently renewed my EBT card with food stamps and cash benefits. I hadn’t used it in a year, and while the cash was expunged for overpayment, I still received a little over $1700 in food stamps. This makes things very easy for me, I wonder how long it will last! I have this wealth, plus enough for cigarettes, am productive recently, and will be obtaining a used iPhone 8 sent in the mail.


Phoneless Man’s Status

Procrastinating…f Phone didn’t come in the mail this week. Making a lot of MUSIC, with FL Studio, I’m getting better at this. Must continue downloading random free samples. Made quick mandala recently, originally drafted on a sticky note looking better than the reproduction in my composition book. “Autodrawing,” it looks like a snowflake with a bowling ball face. Snowflake? I dreamed the other day about “snow lost.” I was shaving off snowflakes from a miniature snowflake garden (like the Zen sand gardens) singing “snow lost, snow lost” as a girl hums pleasantly corresponding to the singing as I wake up…