Waiting in the LINE at the DMV

Good God I have been here for nearly 1.5 hours. Right now #G239 is being served and I am #G282. That’s 43 more people to go IF no F numbers are recalled. I’m just here to replace an ID.

Incidentally, I now finally have my phone. It is a used iPhone 8, I got a little overexcited because it came in a box for the iPhone X. Right now it is at 9% and it was at 33% I am hoping the battery life is decent, the one on my old 7 plus was great iirc.

Back to the DMV: currently serving #F066, f***.

By the time I’m now posting this #G245 is being served. This is bosh! Also, my phone is at 3% and so far the battery life is disappointing.