Dear Aids

Dear Aids,
You should make the rain go away. And move to antarctica. And sail ships on the moon. How often do suck up ramen noodles? ANywas, lets have a party where pirates open up their harts and fight ghosts witch pencils. The ocean is going to shake hands with your shitty fucking virus one day. I feel like there’s fiberglass deep within my blood cells, and im not talking about the white house. aDAM f and eve ate a snake of fruit of the root of science and became pure so god punished them for their hair. People with brown eyes can never cross the bridge to the other side, but if they reincarnate with a different eye color based on their deeds in a past life they can cros the bridge, by the way, if you tried to cross the bridge with brown eyes, you will burn to ashes.Yggdrasil is the biggest tree of chakra and chi and kundalini in the hole world, its roots are made up of snakes and dragons. and it has a bunch tongues with eyes on them. and its also the most efficient fastest best quickest ever calculator. You should do an exercise in kundalini yoga called sat kriya. You only have to do it for 3 minutes whenever you feel like it, and while you do you chant SAT NAM, which rhymes with butt mon. It means truth is my true identity. When you do it you have your arms up, your head in gelenderbum so you can feel slight pulling on the back of your neck. as you say Sat, pull in your naval and bring the energy of the universe up through your spine and out your third eye. also, you have tense your back muscles and pull up on your anus muscles. You can do sat kriya as long as you want. after you do it, it is very important to rest for as long as you did or as twice as long as you did so you can stay grounded and integrate your energies through your concsciousness. Also, at the end of the exercise it is very important to imagine channeling the energy up from the base of your spine out through your crown chakra and/or the spirals at the top of your head. then gently sweep your hands through your aura and proceed with your eyes closed and start to rest. all the time while you’re doing this you have to focus you’re eyesight on your third eye chakra, which is the point in between your brows. you will feel a coil like a snake going up your back three times. There’s a video that shows how to do this exercise i’ll link it to you.

Fuck Off Aids, Love, Tomasz

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