The Modern World

Where are we going in this ocean of a chaotic world? More wars, more pecuniary systems, more hatred, the list could go on quite a bit. As the tensions between countries, religions, and public opinions grow, the more serious the situation will be when it hits the fan. So many people are caught up in thinking about themselves and worthless objects to the point where they are unable to see the world as it is; a big human mess heading for disaster.

A long time ago, a man drew an imaginary line in the dirt and created his country. This man probably had good intentions, he just wanted to help form a community of people to help each other signified by an area of land. Other men at the time had done the same thing, but they were a bit different so war and violence was brought about as a result of indifference. Men would like to justify wars by saying it was to gain resources, to gain a positive political achievement, or to protect a nation. There are far more than enough resources on this planet’s surface to give every human being enough food combined with good living conditions. In fact, the resources that are supposedly being fought for today (oil) are exactly what cause economic collapse. Politics doesn’t seem to have the benefit of the people in mind either, most political leaders that have the potential to make a positive change are more interested in their own personal gain. Politics also has a lot of negative propaganda, and leads to false beliefs among people about another, or their own, country. The most disgusting part of war is the claim that it is to protect a country. Chances are that if you are a civilian living in a western civilization, you see no threat of foreign warmongers blowing up your environment. The real threat is nit-picking wars with weaker countries and stating that death of innocent men, women, and children is just “collateral damage.” This national protection propaganda leads to fear and insecurity among the people living within a country, creates more tensions, and is overall more harmful than good. War is not the answer to one nation liking fruits while another nation prefers vegetables.

Religion is a major issue, there are so many different religions with so many different interpretations and people feel the need to fight over it. What many people fail to see, is that underneath the literal differences and appearances of different religions, is that virtually all religions are saying the same thing in attempt to benefit mankind. Love is the key, only pure open-heart unconditional love will conquer hatred and fear. Religions teach about spirit, that people should be loving and good, not to fight someone else if their view is slightly different. Historically, religions have been used negatively. I truly believe that the Bible has a lot of good things to say, but Christianity has completely destroyed many artistic and meaningful cultures by claiming they’re evil and by forcing others to convert or face death. All of the different interpretations and beliefs of religion revolve around the same fundamental meaning, yet there is a virus-like hatred between them.

People are people, we are all different, we all have different colors, different thoughts, different wants and different needs. This is something we need to understand and accept. Opinions are opinions and they all have some significance and shouldn’t be ignored. No matter what the circumstances, if person A and person B have different honest views on the same subject, then both of these views are a matter of opinion. There is a possibility that person A is right while person B is wrong and vice versa. There is also the possibility that they are both just wrong. If these persons have closed minds, and don’t listen to each other, they end up becoming binary oppositions and will never find a peaceful coexistence with each other. Should people today be arguing about a favorite color? And is carping about opinions and freedom going to help in any way?

Questions lead to thought, and thought simply leads to more thought. Today people are so caught up in thoughts, they don’t know what is going on and they start leading stressful lives. All of the homework that youths have to do after an already dreaded day of school, all of the automatic jobs that people despise, all of the pecuniary systems that a citizen must obey, all of the gunk that accumulates in people’s cars, it all builds up and causes internal suffering. All of this suffering distracts from the big picture, from what is really going on. There is practically a genocide of Palestinian people in Israel that the U.S government seems to fully support, innocent deaths in wars for nothing, a youth that is being degraded to drugs and depression while the ambitious are all in it for the money, guns are purposefully being given to irresponsible people, etc. More money is spent on war than anything else. Resources are pretending to be a big issue (while somebody profits) when there is plenty of oil and even when there are plenty of alternate forms of energy that simply can’t be marketed as easily. More trees and ecosystems than we need are being raped. There are so many of us on this planet, yet there is still enough to go around, it’s as if the global community is being led by talking monkeys. Why hate each other? Why care about materials such as gold and paper money when in reality, they are worthless?

Locusts have no choice but to be locusts and consume the crops that they eat to survive. Bumblebees have no choice but to be bumblebees and spread pollen from flower to flower. Humans are a bit different, we can choose to do good or to do bad. We have the gift of freedom of choice, but we use it so shamefully. So much positive potential in the human race yet the reality of its existence is extremely negative. We can sink or swim, I am begging all of you to use your freedom of choice.